Zandile: Working at Letcee for 24 years

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Zandile: Working at Letcee for 24 years

A bit about myself…

My name is Zandile Mchunu, a mother of two children: a boy and a girl. My job at Letcee is a facilitator and training co-ordinator. I started training here 20 years ago, but I’ve worked for Letcee from when it was started in 1993. Over time, I have been working with women from different areas. Sometimes I have to travel away from Greytown to train in places like Cato Ridge, Nquthu and Pomeroy.

Since I started working, I have gained confidence. At first, I was a shy person; now I’m not that shy. Working with different practitioners has open my eyes, because I have also learnt different things from them, not just me training. Students share their problems and we talk about it. We find solutions. We become friends. Because we have been friends for a while now, they are also open to share more because they trust me.

During weekends I enjoy staying indoors and spending time with my children. We don’t spend too much time together during the week. I like reading magazines just to extend my knowledge and skills. I enjoy cooking big lunches for my family.

What I like about my job

What I like about my job, is that it has grown me as a person. I have self confidence and self respect. I also respect the practitioners I work with. Letcee has also taken me to places I did know I will go to. I like my job because Letcee has groomed me and I have been taken to attend some training about the work I do. Now I know more about what to do when I’m facilitating my practitioners. The best thing I like about my job is when I see practitioners that I have trained continuing with their studies and get their higher qualification. When they come to Letcee to show me that have Masters and B.ed. I also feel happy! When I’m going to their schools and finding them implementing what they have learnt while they were Letcee, it makes me happy. I also enjoy doing assessments at their schools and to help them where they need help.

I work at Letcee because I have passion for children. That is also why I train practioners: so that they can implement what they have learnt at their school/centre. I work at Letcee because I meet with different people and I learnt from them. Letcee is like my home now, because I have bonded with the team. If I have problem they are always helpful.

Building a future

The student that had impressed me is Nora Ndumo from Tugela Ferry. She started as a pre-school teacher and she came to do training with Letcee knowing nothing. She started from oreintation, Inkulisa then Level 4. After that she continued with doing level 5 and now she has her Masters in foundation phase. She’s no more a pre-school teacher. She teaches in a primary school and she’s the HOD. Knowing her working in a small room with 40 children. It makes me proud to see her improvement. She’s not the only one, there are others who were in the same group with her who has moved from ECD centres to primary schools. I’m proud of them!

ECD to me is very important, because it’s where children develop emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically through a variety of activities they do with their teacher. It also has the effect on their overall development and on the adult they will become. That is why understanding the need to invest to very young children is so important so as to maximize their future well-being.

Written by Zandile Mchunu

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  1. Sbu says:

    Well done Sisi your has a big lesson keep it up on good work this is your gift from God

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