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Yoli: Administrator & go-to girl

LETCEE | Yoiliswa Mngadi | training administrator
The face of LETCEE

My name is Yoliswa Mngadi a wife, mother to three beautiful children and the grandmother. I joined LETCEE in November 2012 and still counting. My job is being the Administrator for the training department, and I have recently taken on some managerial roles in training. I always refer to myself as the face of LETCEE, because I am the first person that our clients see when they come to LETCEE.

My work is based on keeping the training department running smoothly. My responsibilities include keeping the year training calendar up to date; I’m responsible for student applications; formulating groups; management of certificates; all communications with ETDP SETA (Education ,Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority) and maintaining our SETA accreditation; updating the quality management system and implementing policy changes as prescribed by ETDP SETA.

My LETCEE history

When I start working at LETCEE I was doing the database for community development. I will never forget the warm welcome I received from every staff member when I joined the LETCEE team. I remember saying to myself this is IMBOKODO company, because it was only females when I start working here. (There is a South African saying: Wathinta abafazi, wathinta imbokodo, roughly translated as: “You strike the woman, you strike the rock.”)

When I was working with community development, I enjoyed going out with the buddies (youth) very much and loved visiting communities at times. LETCEE is really making a huge difference in the communities around here! Being part of that is amazing and working for LETCEE is cooler than awesome, it has made a huge difference to me as person. The skills that I gained ever since I joined this organisation are priceless, I have really grown as a person and really grateful about that.

More about what I do

What I love most about my work as administrator and about the organisation as a whole, is seeing new faces every day. I enjoy assisting students and everyone who wants to come and do LEVEL 4 training or know more about ECD courses. I love working with people and the teamwork that LETCEE has. At LETCEE you will never have to feel that you are alone – they practice the word Team! Every person’s door is always open when you need assistance and the support that the management has for their staff members is great, even if it’s not work-related.

Another thing that I enjoy at LETCEE is staff activities, fundraising, Mandela 67 minutes that LETCEE does every year. Basically all the get-togethers are so fun! I enjoy them because that’s when we learn to understand and support each other. I have also learnt the importance of recycling. There are lot of things that you can do with what we people call waste. LETCEE has done different projects from food parcels, toy libraries, veggie bags, Abahambi, garden clusters, self-help groups and so on. All those just to help the communities to give learning opportunities to their kids and to put food on their tables. For me that’s so awesome and that is what I love about this organisation. I have also learned that giving back should be everyone’s priority.

Written by Yoliswa Mngadi

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