Accredited training courses

Accredited by ETDP SETA - Accreditation no: ETDP-10025

Full qualifications

Short credit bearing courses


Non-credit bearing short courses

Play facilitation

- 1 five-day module
- Introduction to facilitating age-appropriate playful learning experiences
- Familiarisation with games and learning resources


Toy Librarian training

- 1 five-day module
- Toy library administration and preparation of materials
- Using play resources to facilitate learning

Orientation to non-centre based ECD programs

- 1 five-day module
- Includes the basics of what an non-centre based ECD practitioner should do each day


Orientation to ECD

- 1 five-day module
- Includes the basics of what an ECD practitioner should do each day

Making resources from waste

- 1 five-day module
- Using waste materials and the *APT process to make resources for use in ECD centres and toy libraries

*APT = Applied Paper Technology


Committee training

- Site management committee training to facilitate registration of ECD sites
- 4 sessions


Communities we are training in


- At Nozibayi Clinic
FETC: ECD Full Qualification
- 21 registered students


- At Isibaneni School
FETC: ECD Full Qualification
- 24 registered students

Orientation to ECD course
- 25 registered students


- On our premises
- Accommodation for 23 students available
FETC: ECD Full Qualification
- 174 registered students