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Training at Busisa

Some of our vegetable gardeners from different communities had 2 weeks of capacity building at Busisa Foundations for Farming. They were taught new ways of farming and how to make their own compost and pesticide. Furthermore, they learned about faith, family relations, financial management and basic life skills that would equip them to become better people in whatever they are working with.

The group consisted of young and older participants which worked well as there was a lot of knowledge sharing between the two age groups. When giving feedback, Francois Le Roux from Busisa shared that he had enjoyed working with the group as everyone was eager to learn, showed passion for what they do in their communities and pleaded that they go back to their communities and share the knowledge. All the participants gave positive feedback on their stay at Busisa and were excited about their work and life going forward.

Thank you to Francois and his amazing team for empowering our community workers!

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