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The Lunchbox Fund

The Lunchbox Fund is a non-profit organization that solely uses donations and grants to feed millions of children all over South Africa. It is an incredible privilege to be funded and supported by them.

This past month we have had the MCC (medical checks for children) team with us, checking all of the children in our communities. We are overjoyed that the rate of malnourished children has greatly declined in comparison to the past few years.

We would like to say a huge thank you to The Lunchbox Fund who provides around 2500 children in the LETCEE communities with porridge every single morning.

They are a massive part of our nutritional programme at LETCEE and have ensured that our children are well fed, receiving all the necessary nutrients so that they can reach their full potential, increase their ability to learn and absorb information as well as have an abundance of energy each day. Thank you!

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