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Staff year-end function

As the year draws to a close, we decided to have a day of fun for all the staff members. We could celebrate our achievements and successes of the year and reflect on challenges we had overcome. What a fun day it was indeed! Filled with laughter, new experiences and learning new things.

Our day started early, with the whole team departing to Weenen Game Reserve (about an hour’s drive away). Upon arrival, we had a lovely breakfast picnic and were briefed on the plans for the day. Until now, this was all still kept a secret. Our team of 20 people was randomly divided into groups of five to form the four teams for the morning. Each team had to come up with a team name and was assigned a car for the game drive. But this was not your ordinary game drive, no, Letcee is all about PLAY! And how can our staff functions not be filled with playful experiences as well?

    Treasure hunt – Letcee style!

We decided to do the game drive in the form of a treasure hunt, with random activities having to be performed along the way. Each team left the picnic site and set off on their adventure. There had to be pictures of staff members jumping from a stone wall, holding animal dung, hiding in the grass, smiling with giraffes and many more. Keeping up the excitement and festive spirit, we had to share these on a Whatsapp group so that all staff members could see what each team was doing.

The game drive itself was a whole new experience for quite a few of our staff members. I loved seeing the first-timers’ faces when seeing an animal that they hadn’t seen before! Asking questions, wanting to know as much as possible about the funny-looking giraffes or social terrapins. Not only was this a fun way of learning, but also broadened our staff members’ lived experiences. And what a privilege to be able to, as an organisation, not only provide education and broadened horizons to our beneficiaries, but also to our staff.

After our treasure hunt, we met up again as a group to take Christmas pictures and have some more fun with selfie sticks and props. Next on our agenda… lunch!

    Christmas lunch

We had booked the dining hall at the Owl and Elephant Lodge in Weenen. And what an absolute pleasure it was. They had made such an effort to decorate the room, providing a real Christmas feeling! When we arrived, the sound system was set up and we could play our pre-selected songs – each staff member chose two of their favourites to be on the playlist, allowing a great variety for young and old(er). Keeping with the play theme, there was of course lots of dancing and singing.

Our lunch was amazing! Queen, the manager, had done an excellent job at hosting and they prepared a truly “nca” meal. They even had Christmas crackers, unlimited cold juice (much appreciated on such a hot day) and allowed us to take over their dining hall to just enjoy ourselves.

Overall, we could not have asked for a better way to end off our year. For most of us, this was our last day of work for the year and such a special, exciting way to say goodbye. We would like to thank all the organisers, hosts and staff members for contributing and making this one of our best year-end functions yet!

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