Sbu’s Orientation to working with children

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Sbu’s Orientation to working with children

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My Story about Orientation Training for 1 week from the 16 until 20 January 2017 at Letcee Premises

I don’t know where to start the way I am excited through Orientation Training that I had at Letcee Premises. Though it was 1 week training the way it was, I wish it was a whole month training. My classmates that I was attended with this training and our facilitator my colleague (Miss Thandiwe Jacobs) were so amazing! The way we treated each other, the way we work together as a team. I learned a lot from them as a women hopefully they learned a lot from me as a man as well.

My Story

• Since we started on the 16th of January, I’ve learned a lot that I didn’t know about the development of and interacting with a child from 0 to 5 years. Firstly, our facilitator taught us how to make ECD resources or toys using recycling. It was amazing! In my mind I was only thinking that if you need toys you have to buy it. But from this Orientation I’ve learned that I can make toys using recycling and it’s very easy.

• I also learned very important things that really amazed me when it comes to interacting with the children. The only way to make toddlers understand or learn it’s through play, talking to them nicely and making them understand through talking with them politely without shouting at them.

Rhymes and Songs  are so much fun and I learnt new ones from my classmates and our Facilitator that are good for Toddlers. I didn’t know these at all which amazed me a lot and I even recorded so that I will keep on reminding myself and implement it when I’m having play sessions with a Toddlers.

• We got a lot of tips when it’s comes to Observation of a Child. It is possible to see problems through play session, and we also learner a way of overcoming that situation or problem. Our Facilitator also gave us tips of referrals if it’s possible, and also learned a lot about suitable resources/ toys that I’m suppose to use when I’m having play sessions with the Toddlers.

• There are different areas that I have to follow when I’m playing with the toddlers that will help them in their development like: Fantasy, Quiet, Block, Creative, Outdoors Areas and Story Time. I clearly understand what role they played in development of a child.

• Knowing and having information of a child and family is very important. And I have to keep these with me so that if anything happens to a child I will get hold of her/ his family easily. It is also important to have other stakeholders and Government Department contacts who work children so that, if possible, I can contact them about any situation that comes up. This will give good care to children and it will make my life easier, not having to go looking for numbers.

• I didn’t always understand the difference between Educator and a ECD Practitioner, but now I do. These are totally not the same, which amazed me because from now I’m clearly understanding my role when I’m having play sessions with the children. I know that we work together: I have to play with them in their level of age. NB: I was very excited when our facilitator taught us about Story Time especially when she taught us about the way you should be when you telling story: Voice Tone (flowing up and down, polite) and make toddlers enjoy and learn through the story.

I want to take this opportunity to thank LETCEE management team to give me such a great opportunity to add more knowledge about development of a child. My dream came true. I’m looking forward to learning more about development of a child, and I promise to implement what I learned through this training. I’m still looking forward to learn more and I promise I will do my best to prove a point, and I will keep on practicing what I’ve learned even at home, it was a great opportunity indeed.

Thanks a lot!

Written by Sbu Mhlanga

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