Powergirls 2020

Powergirls is a programme started by Letcee to empower and raise up women from disadvantaged communities. Musa Boysen is the facilitator of three groups each with 48 girls. The heart of powergirls is all about instilling good values in our girls and helping them find their strength from within.

Each weekend has a different theme or value that is discussed. For example, a few themes spoken about in the past are respect, knowing/finding your strengths, becoming more environmentally friendly as well as empathy. One value will be discussed and explained in practical ways, so that the girls may relate to them. Then after that, we will do practical activities with them, to further instil the value and present it in a way that they can implement it into their daily life and forever remember it.

A reward system we have in place is badges. Some of the badges will be given for public speaking, manners etc. each weekend we look for a particular quality and reward the person who showed this quality the most. However, they will need to display this quality 9 times (9 weekends) in order to receive the badge. The purpose of this is to give them something to work for and keep them motivated and improving, the girls change so much over the course of the year as they work towards receiving these badges. Another reward/  motivating system we have in place, is that at the end of each year we take them on an outing if they attend regularly throughout the year.

Last month was the first powergirls weekend of the year, which was orientation as there are so many new girls which we are so excited for and so grateful that we have an impact in so many girls’ lives. We are so excited for the rest of this year and for everything that powergirls has to hold.

Overall, powergirls has changed so many lives in the communities and we are so passionate about this programme and so grateful that we get to reach so many girls.

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