From my desk!
Hi all,

We are 2 years and over “the new way of living” with the Covid 19 pandemic and I started thinking about how we did it, what were the challenges, were we able to deal with it in a positive or negative manner and many more questions!

I knew how I felt, but wanted to know more from our people, in the deep rural areas that we work in, and our staff here at the office. Although we had been in conversation and discussed it frequently, I just felt the need to follow up on everyone and see how they are, and where they are, both physically and mentally!

It was important to know about the differences and similarities that we went through, to understand how we coped in our own ways. It just crept upon us, slowly, but surely……one fine day in March 2020, we switched on the TV or the radio, and it’s all over, we are in “Lockdown”, for the next few days, no one is to leave their home. This was the first time that I had ever experienced “Lockdown”. First things to hit me, how will I complete my work, how will we survive without going to buy food, how will our children learn, how…how…how??

What came through from our practitioners and staff, and stood out, was the loss people faced! The sad reality of the pandemic and for so many, becoming a statistic in the millions worldwide. We just cannot imagine the agony and sadness in all of this. We saw many similarities in the feedback received. The following were similar issues or concerns identified: schooling, groceries, employment, travel, learning the new way to live, using masks, sanitizing, keeping distance, losing family and friends, donors pulling their funding away, the cost-of-living escalating, not visiting family and friends, and not being able to help others as we could not even help ourselves! Regardless to say, it was a very difficult situation for so many, and continues to be, even now.

Something that touched me was the explanations we had to come up with, sprinkled with some positivity, to communicate with our children, about what was going on. It was not easy to explain to little children about what was going on, when at times, we did not understand it fully, ourselves! But we did, as best as we could, and tried our best not to scare the children. We are here now, 2 years later, still facing the pandemic, but less severe, we don’t use masks, don’t need to keep distance and we do not sanitize that much!!

But the glory in all of this, is coming back from what seemed to be almost the end of the world, to being here now. Especially in KZN, we have faced looting and very heavy rains. The resilience from people in different contexts being so closely related, showed us that we are strong, and we can overcome such difficult circumstances, and find “new ways” of living, and we move on! We continue as a solid team at LETCEE, taking forward the work we do in our communities and strive towards ensuring a better life for our youngest children! We move on stronger!

We remain so thankful to our awesome Board members, LETCEE staff, funders and the very caring community of Greytown for the support they continue showering on LETCEE! Siyabonga!

Signing off, with hope, light and faith! P