We are excited to introduce our new Managing Director, Mrs Reveni Aheer.

Reveni joined LETCEE at the beginning of July. Her wealth of knowledge, professional experience and drive to focus on strengthening the organisational climate and structure, sets her in the unique position to add real value to LETCEE.

Reveni holds a master’s degree and is a registered Psychologist with the HPCSA. She is a skilled Emotional Intelligence (EQ) practitioner who has vast experience in the fields of human behaviour, emotional and psychological well-being. Her 20 years of rendering preventative, curative and developmental interventions from early childhood across the human lifespan, together with her coaching and facilitation skills, provide a strong foundation to lead an ECD organisation.

Reveni understands the local context having lived in the community for many years. She and her teenage daughters have been loyal supporters of LETCEE and have contributed to various projects over the years.

Reveni is excited to lead LETCEE, building on its reputation and introducing innovative changes. Her motto for 2023, ‘Inspiring that which is sustainable’, is perfect for the role that lies ahead.

If you would like to contact Reveni, please email her at reveni@letcee.org