Upper Thulini is a small rural community located in the district of Umzinyathi in the province of KwaZulu -Natal. An area where limited essential services are provided to the community and as much as the Upper Thulini community is striving to start projects like community gardens, the predicament of not having water was hindering such possibilities. Hence the idea of establishing the borehole came as an important development in the community. Through the support from Ackerman’s Pick’n Pay Foundation, the borehole was established.

Before the borehole was established, the community garden relied on rainwater harvested into a water tank during the rainy season for irrigating the crops, hence during dry seasons the community would struggle, as the water would dry out. now that there is a borehole irrigating the water is easier and the community is thriving.

The borehole is used for garden irrigation and is providing water to the ECD center, serving 30 children.

The borehole is making a massive difference in the lives of 200 community households as they have access to clean running water now.

Now that the community has a borehole, they have access to fresh veggies all year around.