The LETCEE training department has continued to maintain the high standards that they have always aimed at. Through perseverance and dedication from our trainers and the students, we are pleased to announce that we have achieved an astonishing pass rate of 100%.
83 women were faced with peculiar challenges due to the Covid-19 regulations that needed to be followed and maintained throughout their training. We, therefore, take pride in the class of 2020 for their achievements regardless of the challenges they were subjected to.
The qualification that our students receive upon their completion of studies enables them to either be self-employed, ensures employment due to the need for Early Childhood practitioners. They also have the option to study further and explore Level 5&6 which leads to a diploma. In essence, this qualification ensures that there is some form of income that our students can receive.
At LETCEE we show our appreciation and gratitude to our trainers for their dedication and resilience as these were tough times to carry out their duties with pride and without fail. Congratulations!