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Hi guys, my name is Sinenhlanhla Masuku from Matimatolo. I’m feeling happy today to have this trip to Germany. I think I will learn more about handicapped people and other activities which they will be doing there.

I think when I come back I will use that knowledge that I gained there and share it to other people. And especially to the other mamahambi’s and to the families who have handicapped children.

We thank Letcee to allow us to go and learn in Germany. I’m most excited about to see how they deal with their children. We can maybe start a creche for our kids here with disabilities. I work with 9 of them at the moment. Some families don’t have more knowledge and they just keep these children at home.

There are those kids who are older and are violent now, so it’s difficult to work with them. So I would like to see in Germany how they deal with violent children.

I have flown before so I’m too scared for the flight. It’s just a long trip. More than 10 hours. I think I am ready for this.

Written by Sinenhlanhla Masuku, Mamahambi


  1. LindiM says:

    Wow this is so fascination i’m so proud,impressed and happy for u mi aunt,keep up the good work that you are doing i’m sure Matimatolo community is also proud to have u as one of their member,please come back fully equipped with knowledge and experience,all the best

  2. LindiM says:

    Halala, I’m so impressed,fascinated and very proud of you mi aunt
    Go out there and please come back fully equipped with more knowledge
    so that you can be a good asset to your community and help the physically challenged ones
    I’m sure Matimatolo community is also very proud of you as one of their members

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