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Zane in Cape Town | Letcee

Hi there! My name is Zane Dlamini. At LETCEE, I work as a community development officer. I’m going to share a bit with you on my most recent course I attended, the self-help groups I manage and what it is like working with so many women.

PMEL course in Woodstock, Cape Town

First and foremost, I would like to offer you my sincere gratitude for being selected to be part of the Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning workshop in Cape Town. This was very exciting for me to explore Cape Town for the first time. I hope that my achievements will inspire many other male innovators.

Cape Town has topped my travel list for years, and now I got the time to be there. It was a training trip, but I have enjoyed myself there with Annika Hayward (also from LETCEE). Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places in the world e.g. Water Front where you see ships coming in and out of the sea and surrounded by beautiful restaurants and the Atlantic Ocean; the Table Mountain where you explore the Cable Car from bottom up of the Mountain. When you are at the top of the mountain you see the beauty of City Cape Town, Camps Bay where the richest of Cape Peninsula live and you find the beautiful Ocean there.

The most amazing part was the cleanliness of the City compare to other cities and you meet friendly Capetownians – people there are easy to chat and talk too. The transport system was fabulous. I would like to thank you for the opportunity I received from LETCEE and also very much thank to Annika Hayward for taking me around the City to explore the beauties of Cape Town. My stay was short but I have enjoyed together with the informative Training on PMEL.

Self-help groups

Today I celebrate 8 years empowering women through Self Help Group Programme by unlocking skills, support systems and networks, and create new opportunities such as local and international markets and links to government programs.

The objectives are to enable women to start, and improve, their own enterprise. The enterprises are based on self-defined personal strengths, goals, future planning and generating income to support their families. We are determined to break the cycle of poverty, hand-out mentalities and dependency.

Working mostly with women

At LETCEE, I am one of only a few male employees. Also in the communities we work, we do not see a lot of males participating in our activities. On 8 March the world celebrated International Day for Women. This was a day where all women, especially single mothers who raised their children alone and know the challenges of being a mother, we recognized and celebrated. In our context, women often take on the roles of mom, breadwinner, “father”, coach, practitioner, teacher, leader, manager, and peace-maker.

Working mostly with women, this day was so special for me. I am grateful to work with women in the community and at LETCEE – MAMAS who understand what it takes to live here and who do not try and compete with males, as they know they have something special in themselves. Together we are a team who respect and love each other.

Written by Zane Dlamini

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