New year in the resources office

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New year in the resources office

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So my year has started off with a bang in the resources office!

The photo copying machine has been working full time, copying for all the various groups that have started training. Manuals, assessment booklets, everything they need is ready so that the trainers can just take their bundle and go train.

There are also few staff members that have been given some new responsibilities from the beginning of the new year. We have all embraced them with open arms and everybody is positive and helping where they can.

Serious team work for all of us!

My job as Resource Coordinator has grown immensely this year. No longer is my main job being in charge of the training resources, but I also work to coordinate the resources in our community projects.

The extra responsibilities I have taken on include sorting out all the second hand clothing and goods that are donated to us. This means that donations are distributed as soon as possible and making sure the various communities get what they need most.

Another task is going to the barracks (our Izingane Zethu Centre) and helping out with their donations and making sure things are distributed to the relevant people. As this project is in town, we have had so many community members donating to this project on a regular basis and often the staff members there are so busy with the children that they don’t get a chance to also sort out the donations that are sent there directly. By me going there, there is just an extra hand to make sure we use the donations to their full extent.

I’m also now overseeing the kitchen and the purchasing of groceries. Rebecca has been doing this alone for a while and having a bit of extra help, means that she can do other tasks more efficiently. My kitchen tasks also include mentoring Rebecca in diversifying the menu for the students. When we have students training on-site and living in our hostel, Rebecca cooks for them daily and it is important for us to provide a nutritious, exciting menu to them.

Here is to a full, fun year ahead!

Written by Linda Hayter


  1. Sam says:

    Wishing you all a wonderful 2017! Loving the Blog 😉

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