My first toy library experience.

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My first toy library experience.

Wednesday morning, a few of us travelled to one of LETCEE’s beautiful and hidden communities called Snomboza. We went with a mobile toy library, which was filled with an array of toys for the kids to play with as well as learn from. 

As we got there we unpacked the toy library and set up different stations such as: painting, card games, dolls/ dress up as well as trucks/ cars. There were 15 kids aged around 3-5 years. They were absolutely ecstatic and loved having a chance to play with all these things and be creative. Other than the toy libraries, they don’t have access to these play experiences.

In addition to the typical play session, we celebrated a special occasion. This week was national book week in South Africa, so we got to hand out a few donated books to the kids. They were so thankful and excited to be able to own one of these books. 

This was my first time ever going to one of the LETCEE communities, and it was an awesome as well as eye opening experience. It made me realise how much we have to be grateful for and how much, even in the smallest ways, we can help others. Donations do really have an impact and I would encourage you to go and have a look at one of the communities to see what your donations would be aiding and how many children would be benefiting.

Overall, it was the greatest experience and I know that the kids had the best day ever.

Written by: Rochelle Henning

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