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LETCEE | Training

LETCEE | Training

More about me

I am Zandile Zuma, I work at LETCEE in Greytown as a trainer and assessor. We train ECD practitioners for the qualification FETC: ECD Level 4. Most of our students are already ECD practitioners in different settings: home-based, centre-based and school-based settings. I facilitate active learning, helping them to know how to plan and implement an ECD learning programme and how to give support to children. We also cover how to facilitate learning at the learning site, how to assess children and how to manage and administer the ECD learning programme and learning site.

I like working with different people from different cultures and religions. Also people with different ages and in different areas. We have training groups in Nquthu, Pomeroy, Trustfeed/Wartburg, Cato Ridge and Greytown.

What is my job about?

My current job is different from being a teacher. I used to be a teacher. Now, I do not teach, we facilitate. We allow our students to take the lead, encourage active learning, team work and group discussions. We provide learning environments that allow opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and skills, solve problems and gain understanding.

My favourite part of my job is the on-site support and assessment visits. This is where we observe the environment in which the teaching and learning occurs. We observe planning and ECD practice, facilitating children’s learning and development, health, nutrition and safety and also the management of the ECD service. On-site support and assessment helps the facilitator or assessor to see if the students are implementing what they learn during contact sessions.

I have learnt to be independent, to be a leader and a manager. No one has to tell you what to do. I grow day by day as we are exposed to different things, including staff development meetings, outings and other activities.

Written by Zandile Zuma

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