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Being a mobile toy librarian

LETCEE | Mobile Toy library

LETCEE | Mobile Toy library

My name is Mamsy Dlamini and I am working at LETCEE as a mobile toy librarian. I started working as a toy librarian in 2014. Since then, I have noticed many things from the children when it is time to come and play. The thing I noticed most was that they enjoyed it very much! I heard from the caregivers that children woke up early so that when the Abahambi came to fetch them, they were ready. When it is time to come and learn/play, children do not fight with each other anymore. At the mobile toy library we have enough toys, so everyone gets something to play with.

I have seen big differences from when the children came to the mobile toy library for the first time. At first, they didn’t want to share with other children, but as time goes by, I see change. They change from that attitude and start to enjoy playing together and sharing. Even those that go to school get excited when they see the mobile toy library. They start shouting “imoto yama toyici” (toy car)! They remember coming to play with us when they were younger and they get happy. Even caregivers enjoy seeing the mobile toy library, because they know that playing is helping their children.

I enjoy working in the community because I have learnt many things from them and they have also learnt from me.

Last year in July (2016), LETCEE started a project called “Play to learn” with the caregivers. This project has helped many caregivers to understand how to play with their children and how to make their own toys using waste. Now many caregivers understand how important play is for their children and how to do things for their children.

The “Play to learn” programme encourages caregivers to play with the children at home. Once they started doing this, they have noticed a growth and development in their children. Even other community members have told me that they are seeing how much the children of these caregivers have learnt.

I wish that all the community members could understand the importance of this project because this programme is helping their children now and for their future.

Written by Mamsy Dlamini


  1. Sibyl Phalatse says:

    I am interested in being a mobile toy librarian

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