Medical Checks for Children (MCC) visit

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Medical Checks for Children (MCC) visit

This past week, we have had the absolute privilege of having the MCC team with us. MCC is a team of doctors which go to a variety of countries where children don’t have access to proper or any health care at all. They check hundreds of children for various diseases and illnesses as well as educate the communities on how they can prevent it.

Letcee is so honoured that this is the 4th year that the MCC team has been with us, checking and helping the children in our communities. The doctors were incredibly patient, kind and an absolute pleasure to have around.

The statistics of particular illnesses in our communities have progressively declined, since we are now able to provide two meals a day as well as cleaner facilities. We are extremely grateful and appreciative of the MCC team and look forward to seeing them again soon! Below are the medical reports of our communities for the past 3 years.

Medical report 2016

Medical report 2017

Medical report 2018

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