Levelheaded but lighthearted Lindi

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Levelheaded but lighthearted Lindi

A little bit about myself

I am Lindi Ngobese, my job at Letcee is to facilitate the NQF level 4 qualification for ECD practitioners. I facilitate the core unit standards at level 4 and also their fundamental level 4, which is maths literacy and communication. We also do on-site visits to see if students practice what we teach them.

After being born in Howick, I move to Greytown at the age of five years. This is where I did my preprimary, primary and high shool in Greytown. Straight after school I came to work here at Letcee. I was employed as a PA for the training manager, but I also did admin work. After a while, I moved on to do training. After four years of being here, I left Greytown to study full time, and only came back after getting my qualification

Being a training facilitator

I enjoy working with these ladies. They come from all different types of communities. The majority of their work sites are in rural communities and very few work in townships and urban areas.

It is very interesting to see the students’ growth as the training progresses. They start improving in classroom participation and interaction, but most importantly, they improve in their practical work. At their ECD sites, you can see the change in their teaching style and working with kids.

Overall it is very rewarding to know and to see that you as their facilitator / trainer, have done your part. The students then go out and deliver these services to the kids.

Interesting story & dreams for Letcee

Recently we went to do an onsite visit in one of our rural communities. I was facinated to see the standard of the school and how the principal runs the school. The principal is a Letcee graduate actually and she has an excellent system in place. Their school has grown to the extent that the principal now even has a toy library to assist other preschools in her area with access to ECD resources.

I feel that Letcee has been in operation for many years and has built a name for itself. Not only in training but also community-based projects. Even though some of  training is done at external organisations and the contact sessions are conducted in rural KZN, I think we can grow even more. Maybe we could expand and grow to have different branches in other areas as well. I look forward to see the future of the training department.

Written by: Lindi Ngobese

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