LETCEE donates cricket kit to Greytown High School

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LETCEE donates cricket kit to Greytown High School

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LETCEE, as a well-known Greytown charity, often receives donations from Greytown residents. We are always grateful for these, but unfortunately not all of the donations are of specific use to us in our programmes. When items like these are received, we then ensure that we pay it forward. We give the gifts to other organisations or groups that will put the items to better use than we could.

Recently, we received a donation of good quality adult cricket kits. The idea was that they be used at the Izingane Zethu Centre. We considered this option, but thought the kits would be used more often if they formed part of a school’s sporting equipment. Most of the older children from the Izingane Zethu Centre attend Greytown High School, so this was our first approach. We found out whether they would be able to put this wonderful donation to good use. And they were!

Musa Booysen, a LETCEE staff member, handed over these cricket kits to the Greytown High School in July. We are happy that this donation will help increase their sporting equipment stock! We’re also hopeful that this will allow children to train together without any shortages, enhancing their cricket skills (and other developmental areas).

As LETCEE, we are proud to be able to continue giving back to the community at all times.

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