A Change In ECD Graduation Ceremonies

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A Change In ECD Graduation Ceremonies

As an organisation in the ECD sector, we are always there to support and guide our centres in whatever assistance they require, and we are also with them through their events.

One of these events is the end of year graduation ceremony which is held in almost all ECD centres, whether it is in a rural or urban setting.

Each year the ECD centres have their graduation ceremonies and at times it becomes a problem for some parents who are not able to afford the requirements for this event.

Buying new clothes and items costs money, which some parents do not have. Not only this but this should be an event celebrating the child and not the ECD centre or adults! It’s a special day for the child and we should understand this from the start.

Something to think about is, how we can change the ceremony to be cost effective for parents, and to ensure that children enjoy it the most.

How this could be achieved:

  • From the start of planning, keep in mind that this is a special day for the children to enjoy
  • Don’t ask parents to buy expensive dresses for the girls and suits for the boys
  • Let the children dress up in their jeans and a t-shirt and be comfortable. This will lessen the cost for the parents significantly. Encourage parents to use the money that is saved, to buy items for their children for the upcoming year in Grade R (e.g. Uniforms and stationery)
  • Allow parents to offer some suggestions and include these in  the ceremony to make them feel more a part of the event
  • Have nursery rhymes and songs at the event, rather than adult music and songs
  • Have fewer speeches from guests and have fun activities for the children (it’s their day after all)
  • Shorten the duration of the event so that both parents and children enjoy it more

We are constantly changing and evolving in different areas of our lives, both personal and at work. Why not change how we do our graduation ceremonies and keep the most important people, the children, in mind for this event?

“According to child psychologist Louise Porter, PhD., formal graduation ceremonies for young kids may contribute to a need in kids for constant validation. … and what adults include in a graduation ceremony may or may not be developmentally appropriate for young kids.”

Let us break this cycle of forcing parents to buy expensive items, which they cannot afford and making the event about the adults and not the child.

Let us adopt good practice and bring positive changes into our ECD centres for the children!

Written by: Poonam Dwarkaram

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