Sgedlane is an informal settlement, very similar to Potspruit. Living conditions are poor, there is little or no development and poverty is still very prevalent.

The houses are poorly constructed and there is a significant number of child and gogo-headed households where maintaining the household is a challenge. As a result of poor hygiene, most of the children in this community have scabies and other health problems.

At first, LETCEE started working here by only running one playgroup. Unfortunately we soon realised the extent of the children's needs and in 2018, we opened the Sgedlane Children's Centre. The children of the community are now able to get 2 meals per day and have a safe place to play and learn.

Having water at the premises means that children are able to wash themselves and their clothes at the centre in the morning if needed. They then wear clothes provided at the centre during the day, and go home wearing clean clothes in the afternoon. Constant reinforcement of hygiene and cleanliness has already impacted the community. We have seen improvement in the general health and hygiene of children, and caregivers are now sending their children to the centre clean.

There is a small garden at the children's centre. The vegetables it produces are used to feed the children with nutritious meals daily.

We are grateful to the Izingane Happy Foundation for their support of our work in Sgedlane.