LETCEE is one of the organisations piloting the Powergirls programme. We will continue with this programme when it officially launches in February 2020.

The Powergirls programme is a national initiative aimed at empowering girls from disadvantaged communities. This programme includes:
• Weekly get-togethers (40 weeks per year)
• The groups are split into two age bands
• Naledi group: ages 9-12 years
• Langa group: ages 13-16 years
• Currently running in Greytown only
• Each week the groups are run according to a specific theme such as: Heritage, Loyalty, Honesty, Empathy and Communication
• The groups include creative activities, journaling, games and discussion times

This programme is currently running in our Barracks community.

This project is run under the auspices of the Mama's Alliance (Kinderfonds Mama's)

We are proud of this project and have seen the difference in our girls' behaviour. Empathy is growing and we love giving the girls an opportunity to have fun while busy with meaningful activities over a weekend.