Potspruit is an informal settlement where living conditions are poor. There are poorly constructed mud houses and majority of adults and caregivers are unemployed.

As a result of poor hygiene, most of the children in this community have scabies. The mobile clinic only comes once a month to attend to the health needs of the community. With the help of Kinderfonds Mamas, we were able to start working in this community although the project began later than anticipated.

Fifty children are now able to get 2 meals per day, have a safe supervised place to do their homework and some are able to attend the pre school programme.

It is pleasing to note that the community of Potspruit have been very active in starting and maintaining the gardens. There is a garden located at the children's centre and serves the purpose of providing nutritious meals for the children using the vegetables produced, and there is a bigger garden that serves the purpose of providing fresh vegetables for families within the community and selling.