Vegetable gardens

LETCEE currently co-manages 22 vegetable gardens in the various communities that supplement our other nutrition programmes. These gardens contribute to communities' food security and fight to reduce malnutrition among children.

We establish community or cluster vegetable gardens where water tanks and fencing are provided. These gardens work on an allotment system and allow a few families to access fresh vegetables on a regular basis. Surplus production is either traded for a different vegetable from other gardeners or sold for income generation. Furthermore, we encourage each of our beneficiary families to start Vegetable bag gardens at their homes for herbs and smaller vegetables.

We currently have vegetable gardens in all our communities: Matimatolo, Mbuba, Enseleni, Njengabantu, Potspruit, Sgedlane, Barracks, and Upper Thulini.

Cluster gardens
- Beneficiary families work alongside other community members to grow vegetables
- Cluster is ten or more caregivers (mainly women)
- Cluster garden is divided into individual plots
- Each cluster member grows vegetables of her choice and is responsible for the maintenance of her plot

We are grateful to the Pick n Pay Ackerman Foundation, Kinderfonds Mamas, NCT Forestry, and Tiger Brands for partnering with us to establish vegetable gardens. Two of our community gardens also have tunnels for growing their own seedlings and ensuring production during winter. These were donated by NCT Forestry.