Amy’s letter – a volunteer’s perspective

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Amy’s letter – a volunteer’s perspective

Amy Cotterrell | Letcee volunteer

Dear Letcee


Working with Letcee has changed my perspective of life and my aspirations in life in a way that has changed my life for the better. I always thought life was about how much money you have or who your friends are but in actual fact, life is what you make out of the situation you are in and what you have been given by God, it’s about appreciating the small and big things and for being thankful for them.

I learnt a lot…

Letcee has taught me to look at the good in everybody and to aspire to become the best version of me I possibly can be. Walking into Letcee and seeing the smiles of those precious children makes my heart smile because these children have taught me love, kindness, patience and gratitude and they have so little yet they are the happiest people I have seen. They absolutely adore their tea breaks and playing soccer and for the older kids the occasional trip to the local swimming pool as well as Anna’s delicious food she prepares with the help of the other ladies. Wow!

The experience…

The love you get here is amazing, I honestly wish I could just bottle it all up and ship it in shiploads to all the places in the world who so desperately need to be reminded what love is. We live in a world where love is what we get and not what we give and at Letcee it’s a constant reminder that love is not in what we get but in what we give and love is appreciating somebody for who they are and not how much money they have and what they can give you.

The future…

I love the fact that Letcee see the importance in education and that they see the potential in each of those kids, the encouragement from their teacher is amazing and I firmly believe that Letcee is changing our country one giant step at a time. Family issues are not uncommon in these kids’ lives but at Letcee, everyone is family and everybody wants only the best for each other, once again this is real love.

My favourite place…

I am currently doing the presidents award and we have to do 72 hours of community service for gold level and whenever my mom asks me where I would like to do community service, Letcee is my ultimate favourite place to go because it’s just the most remarkable, inspirational and productive organization. I pray that the good Letcee is doing for this world and community will be supported.

Thank you for what you do, your work is much appreciated in the lives of many and you will be rewarded in heaven.

Love, Amy Cotterrell (16 years old)

Amy Cotterrell | Letcee volunteer Amy Cotterrell with kids | Letcee volunteer

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