Our community projects

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Play-Able Pickup

Est. October 2018
- Toy Library specialised for children with disabiltiies
- 13 children involved
- 1 trained toy librarian
- Running in 2 communities

LETCEE Excellence in ECD

Est. October 2018
- Monthly practice improvement workshops
- Includes centre based and non-centre based ECD practitioners
- Theme workshops and support
- On-site mentoring at creches and playgroups


- 328 Smartstart playgroup facilitators
- 3221 children involved
- Communities involved: Msinga, Pomeroy, Mhlangane, Seven Oaks, Muden and Kranskop
- All LETCEE Abahambi are also licensed SmartStarters


- A programme to empower girls from disadvantaged communities all across South Africa
- Girls aged 9-16 years included
- Runs 40 weekends a year
- LETCEE runs 4 groups of 48 girls each

Toy Libraries

- Our first toy library was established in 2003
- 11 toy libraries each with a trained toy librarian
- 3 mobile toy libraries, 8 fixed toy libraries
- Running in 8 communities


- Trained ECD practitioners
- 2 playgroups be practitioner (2-5 yr olds)
- Weekly home visits (0-2 yr olds)
- Exchanges toy kits at local toy libraries

Vegetable gardens

- Contributes to food security in families
- 22 cluster gardens
- Vegetable gardens in beneficiary homes
- Training on farming provided

Communities we are involved in

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